Artistic director of Manhattan Tap, Heather is a true jazz musician with a relaxed, low-key dance style. She apprenticed to six of the first generation of American tap masters and has performed with Buster Brown, Cookie Cook, the Copasetics and Silver Belles, Steve Condos and Chuck Green. She established the Manhattan Tap Apprentice Program that is responsible for training today’s generation of tap artists including Max Pollak, Michael Minery, Roxanne Butterfly, Bob Carrol and Jeannie Hill, as well as cast members of Manhattan Tap, Stomp, Bring In da Noise, Bring In da Funk, Tap Dogs, Cool Heat Urban Beat, and Riverdance. She travels extensively, mentoring new tap communities, and teaching Master Classes and Residencies throughout the world.

“Her dancing is a visual and aural link to some of the great tap masters” -The Sunday Mercury, Guelph, Ontario, Canada