Roxane Butterfly Masterclasses 27th & 28th January 2018

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Roxane Butterfly Masterclasses 27th & 28th January 2018


London Tap Jam are delighted to welcome back Roxane Butterfly.

She will be our special guest at the January Jam, plus we are hosting some great workshops. Here's a  chance to study with a modern master of Tap Dance. 

Roxane will be teaching 3 classes: "Hoofing Technique for Beginners" (4-5:30pm, 27th January at Pineapple), and two classes for int/adv level (1-2:30pm, 2:30-4pm at Dance Attic in Fulham): "Hoofing Technique", and "Jazz Because".

Find out more about Roxane from her Facebook or website.

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Class schedule

  • Saturday 27th January, 4 - 5:30pm, Pineapple Studios, Covent Garden - 'Hoofing Technique for Beginners'
  • Sunday 28th January, 1 - 2:30pm, Dance Attic, Fulham - Int/Adv 1 - 'Hoofing Technique'
  • Sunday 28th January, 2:30 -4pm, Dance Attic, Fulham - Int/Adv 2 - 'Jazz Because' 

Special advance booking price of £20 for all classes until 20th January.

About the classes

Hoofing Technique for Beginners

4-5:30pm, Pineapple Studios

This class sets the foundations of hoofing vocabulary within its jazz dance perspective. We will work on the quality of movements and how to relate sound with space. 

Hoofing Technique Int/Adv

1-2:30pm, Dance Attic         

Roxane pulls all her material in this class from her direct experience with the 'Original Hoofers', including her mentor Jimmy Slyde. You will learn some of their signature steps, which will engage you to work on quality of movements, phrasing and clarity of intention. 

Jazz Because Int/Adv         

2:30-4pm, Dance Attic

This class will explore various approaches to understanding jazz, building solos, dancing melodies, whether improvised or choreographed. You will hear tracks from distinct eras of jazz, from traditional swing, to bebop, free jazz and conceptual jazz. You will also be engaged in a play on phrasing, breathing, interaction, time keeping, constructive deconstruction, quality of sounds, and collective improvisation.

About Roxane Butterfly

“Roxane Butterfly is the John Coltrane of dance”, The New York Times

”A tap diva one has to see to believe”, Ballet Review

”In the male dominated world of tap, Roxane has it all: Looks, charisma, talent”, The New York Times

Sought after for her exceptional improvisational skills, tap dance artist Roxane Butterfly has been a leading figure on the world tap stage for the last two decades (both in america and Europe). Very first woman to win a Bessie Award (1998) in the history of tap, she represents a direct link to the generation of her mentors, the Original Hoofers. She is known to constantly push the art-form further while passing on the knowledge of her masters. Baptized “Butterfly” by legendary Jimmy Slyde in the early nineties, she is the only European woman who has had a recognized tap career in America and to have received high marks of artistic distinction such as a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship (2006)

She shares her time between Paris, New York and Barcelona where she has been developing her tap pedagogy: JSI Training (Jimmy Slyde Institute), a unique tap course she elaborated in 2010.

Roxane Butterfly is: a Bessie Awardee, NYFA sponsored artist, John Simon Guggenheim Fellow Choreographer, USArtists International recipient & Meet The Composer grantee.