Heather Cornell masterclasses 25th & 26th November 2017

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Heather Cornell masterclasses 25th & 26th November 2017

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Master tap dancer Heather Cornell will soon be over from New York. Heather has a unique approach to dancing and teaching which is closely connected with the music. This is a great opportunity to work on musicality and the role of tap as a percussion instrument within a jazz ensemble.

Heather will be teaching a beginners class on Sunday 26th November at Danceworks (just before the 11th birthday London Tap Jam) and two back-to-back intermediate/advanced level classes at Dance Attic on Saturday 25th November. The intermediate/advanced classes will fit together into a 4-hour intensive tap session for those that want to do both.

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Class schedule

  • Saturday 25th November, 1-3pm - Intermediate/Advanced 1: Swing and Groove at Dance Attic in Fulham.
  • Saturday 25th November, 3-5pm - Intermediate/Advanced 2: Time Steps of the Masters at Dance Attic in Fulham
  • Sunday 26th November, 2-3.30pm - Beginners: Musicality for Beginners at Danceworks Studios near Bond Street tube.

Special advance booking price of £20 for beginners and £25 for advanced until 18th November. Book both advanced classes together for a 10% discount (£45 for four hours of tap dance)! 

About the classes

Swing and Groove

Int/Adv, Sat 25th November, 1-3pm, Dance Attic

Heather was mentored by the great bassist Ray Brown and they spent many long hours talking about swing and groove. Because of this collaboration, and the many hours she spent in the studio and on stage with the masters of rhythm tap, Heather has a unique approach to teaching elements of swing and groove.  She is known for reaching into the student’s own style and musical intuition to help to find that emotion that powers the music.  

Time Steps of the Masters

Int/Adv, Sat 25th November, 3-5pm, Dance Attic

Heather studied and performed with many of the first generation dancers of the Tap Dance Renaissance.  They each had their own distinct styles and musicality.  Come and learn some of these iconic steps and the keys that they hold to the groove, time and approach of each master.

Musical Tap Technique for Beginners  

Sunday 26th November, 2-3.30pm, Dancebase

Why wait until your technique is in place to connect it to the music?  Your technique IS music.  Come and learn techniques for practising and learning that will keep you focused on the sound of your dancing right from the beginning.

About Heather Cornell

"The Oscar Peterson of Hoofin" - Toronto Globemail

Heather Cornell is known for using tap as her percussive instrument in many different music ensembles. Her company, Manhattan Tap, was the top booked tap company in the 80’s and 90’s, worldwide. She is considered one of the most musical dancers working today and has revolutionized the way that tap dance is presented. Her shows have been presented consistently in countries around the world for the past 30 years.

Her recent project, Making Music Dance, celebrates the rich and broad tonalities inherent in the worlds of tap and flamenco. Add to that the trance-like drive of African balafon, the ethereal phrasing of electric violin and the percussive stylings of flamenco guitar, and you get a brand new take on world music! The show is elegant, intense and trancelike all at once. “Pulsating world rhythm – percussive dance in an entirely new context”.

Read more at http://www.manhattantap.org/